YouGov’s Best Brand rankings


Market research firm, YouGov has published its 2016 Mid-Year BestBrand Rankings. 400 brands became part of the research survey in which Emirates turned out to be the No. 1 brand in the UAE.

The 2016 Mid-Year Best Brand Rankings was launched globally across 26 countries which included Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, etc. The rankings were compiled using the Buzz score from BrandIndex – YouGov’s daily flagship brand tracker.

BrandIndex is used to measure public’s perception about a brand in the Middle East region. The Buzz scores are calculated by asking residents on a regular basis if they had ‘heard anything positive or negative about a brand in the last two weeks through advertising, word-of-mouth or news.’

 The Dubai-based airline company has, for the second time, emerged as the most confident and attractive brand in the UAE.

Just a few weeks ago, Emirates airline was named as the best airline in the world for the year 2016 at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2016.  In addition to this, the airline also won awards for World’s Best Inflight Entertainment for the 12th consecutive year and Best Airline in the Middle East region.

The airline spent $20 million, last year, on a marketing campaign which featured Jennifer Aniston along with a spectacular world-class service ethos making Emirates take a huge jump on the Annual BranIndex Buzz Rankings; grabbing the first spot.

 Being the buzziest brand in UAE, Emirates caused quite a stir while celebrating its football partnerships with six clubs and seven football-themed aircraft take-offs in one day.

This year, the airline has launched a new global advertising campaign, Hello Tomorrow, which embraces digital, print, film and outdoor assets to further showcase its in-flight experience to the public.

Apart from grabbing the first spot on UAE’s Mid-Year Rankings, Emirates has also made a comeback in Saudi Arabia’s Mid-Year Ranking by coming at No. 9.

Other brands which became a part of the UAE Top 10 Buzz Rankings 2016 were WhatsApp (2), Samsung (3), Facebook (4), Apple (5), YouTube (6), Emaar (7), Google (8), Etihad (9) and iPhone (10).

It is for the first time that WhatsApp, YouTube and Etihad have shown up on UAE’s Top 10 list. It also explains the dynamic nature of brand perception in the UAE and why it is important to be on the consumer’s mind. Drop-outs this year include Carrefour (ranked No. 5 last year), Dubai Mall (ranked No. 8 last year) and Almarai (ranked No. 9 last year).

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