UAE – The fifth most empathetic country


The UAE is the fifth most empathetic country in the world, according to the survey conducted by American psychologists.

Report of the study was recently published in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. This is the first time where countries have been ranked in accordance to empathy.

Survey about empathy

The online survey, which was carried out by Michigan State University surveyed 104,000 people from 63 countries worldwide. The respondents were asked questions referring to the compassion they have for others and the ability to understand others’ viewpoints

The top 10 countries with respect to empathy include Ecuador (1), Saudi Arabia (2), Peru (3), Denmark (4), the UAE (5), Korea (6), the United States (7), Taiwan (8), Costa Rica (9) and Kuwait (10).

Dr William Chopik, assistant professor of psychology at Michigan state, lead the survey along with the staff of Indiana University and the University of Chicago.

The reason why the Middle East region has been ranked so high in empathy is not clear, according to Dr Chopik.

He further commented on the results of the survey,  “We only grabbed a snapshot of what empathy looks like at this very moment.

Empathetic culture in the UAE

In the UAE, empathetic culture is dominant and is observed everywhere. Manager of Emirates Red Crescent’s Saving Grace campaign, Sultan Al Shehi, said, “The culture of the people in the UAE is very generous.

In 2014, the UAE was labelled as the biggest foreign aid donor. Till now the country has spent 1.26% of its national income on overseas development aid projects and contributed Dh18.36 billion in this regard.

Seven out of the 10 least empathetic countries in the world, belonged to Eastern Europe, whereas Lithuania turned out to be the least empathetic country.
The survey, however, did not mention whether empathy was shown to people in other countries or towards one’s countrymen.

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