Tourism a major part of Dubai’s diversification strategy


Dubai Holding has recently announced the relocation of its Dh25 billion Mall of the World project site. The project will now be constructed on the site adjacent to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

In the official statement issued by the company, Dubai Holding said the unanimous decision to move the site was taken so that the mall can be located in an area where it’s ‘positive tourism contribution can be fully realized.’

Dubai Holding’s Vice Chairman and MD, Ahmad bin Byat said, “Tourism remains a major part of Dubai’s diversification strategy, and Mall of the World will be a critical part of that vision. The new location on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road will be an outstanding home for the project, as it will allow Dubai Holding to expand further as needed in the future, according to market demand.”

Mall of the World

The project will be one of its kind and will be the largest shopping center in the world upon its completion. It will cover an area of 4500000 sq. m. and will envision a fully air conditioned city.

According to the original plan, 8 million sq. ft. area will be dedicated to shopping section and will have the largest indoor game park in the world.  The park will have dome which can be opened during winter season.

The mega-project mall is anticipated to be visited by 180 million people annually. It will constitute of areas for medical tourism, cultural events, theatres and 20,000 hotel rooms. 

The mall will offer a broad range of retail, cultural, wellness, hospitality, leisure and recreation options under one roof so that tourists can enjoy a week-long stay in the city without the need of using a car.

Change of venue

Previously, being on a site at Mohammed bin Rashid City, the company has now decided to modify the venue for the third time, since its initial launch in 2012.

In July 2014, a new property of 48 million sq. ft. near Sheikh bin Zayed Road was proposed, in Al Sufouh district on the land opposite to Mall of the Emirates. But now the venue has been changed again.

The company has neither mentioned where the mall is now being relocated to Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Road nor disclosed a time frame about when work will be starting on the mall.

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