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Things have changed drastically ever since the dawn of social media. The digital life, people, have on social media affects the decisions they take in real life.

A Dubai-based PR agency, BPG and Wolfe found out that more than 70% of UAE residents take online advice before buying a product.

Figures released by the agency show that 71% of UAE residents, between the ages of 18-40, take advice from social media influencers before reaching a decision.

Headquartered in Dubai, BPG Group is considered among the largest integrated communications groups in the MENA region.  It is also part of MarCom group, WPP. The PR agency has an experience of over 35 years and serves broad ranges of regional and international clients across Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Muscat, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Beirut.

The research project was carried out by YouGov on behalf of BPG Cohn and Wolfe, 1,000 people participated in the survey.

Most favorite food influencers

According to the stats, Facebook has remained to be the most popular platform – 35% of the individuals said they followed food influencers on Facebook.  YouTube is the second most popular platforms with 26% of surveyed people choosing it to follow food influencers.

When it comes to the most famous names in food, celebrity chefs: Manal Alalem, Osama Al Sayed, Gordon Ramsey and Sanjeev Kapoor have been called the most trustworthy social influencers. In food critics and bloggers, Foodiva and Food Sheikh are followed the most in UAE.   

For the question ‘Why do people follow food influencers’, the most votes were given to the option: Gives them cooking ideas, second highest no. of votes were given to option: Like their cooking styles and third highest no. of votes were grabbed by option: Beautiful photographs.

UAE fashion & beauty influencers

When it comes to fashion and beauty influencers, they were followed highly on Facebook by 32% and Instagram, coming second, with 24%. Most popular fashion beauty social media influencers among UAE residents are Huda Kattan, Joelle Mardinian, Ola Alfares, Lojain Omran and Amina Shelbaya.

When asked ‘Why do they follow fashion and beauty influencers’ – the most popular opinion was because people like their fashion style, second most popular was because they were inspired by their style while the third was because they had beautiful photographs.

These results have clearly shown that companies now have to take these online influencers seriously and listen to what they have to say and find creative and engaging ways to work with them to tell their story and reach customers in that vital 18-40 demographic, according to Taghreed Oraibi, BPG Cohn and Wolfe PR Director.

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