Seven horror movies to watch this Halloween


Horror is a movie genre which everyone loves absolutely – be it children, adults or old people.  But it is not easy to make good horror movies, let alone the ones who get stuck in our mind. The best type of horror movies are which keep you on the edge of your seat, making you wonder what the next scene might be.

Halloween recently passed which was not long ago, so we thought of bringing you a list of the best Hollywood horror movies made in 2016, the list was originally posted by Movie Pilot – an entertainment website. Ready to jump on the horror ride?

The Witch

With an iMDb rating of 6.3, watch the movie at your risk. Set in the 1630s New England era,  the film is about witchcraft and Satan possession.  A family of four siblings along with their parents live in the woods when one day one of the boys disappears, leaving the family in shock.

The Conjuring 2


We all loved the Conjuring’s part one and were waiting for the second installment of the film series. The best thing about the movie? It is based on real-life incidents. The movie explores two of the most popular supernatural cases: Amityville Horror and the Enfield Hunting. Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate the paranormal horrors people are facing in their stunning style. The movie has a rating of 7.5.

Green Room

With a rating of 7.1, Green Room was released in April of this year. The movie revolves around a punk band, which performs at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar. Problems start to arise after their performance ends, and one of the band members finds a girl stabbed in the green room.


Don’t Breathe

Rarely a movie asks the viewers to identify with the invaders instead of victims, Don’t Breathe is one such rarity. With a rating of 7.4 on iMDb, the movie is full of twists and turns. Doing a wrong thing for the rightful purpose does not make it right, and that is shown perfectly in the movie. Who could imagine a blind man can hold captives in his basement?

Lights Out

I am sure that reading the title itself gave you a few goosebumps beforehand! It circles around a family in which the mother suffers from a mental illness and depression while her son develops insomnia when he watches her talking to an imaginary friend named ‘Diana’. The movie unfolds to show how Diana appears when the lights are off and disappears when they are switched on.

The Shallows

This one is pretty different than the rest of the movies on the list; it is a typical survival movie, and many have resembled it to The Revenant.  Gossip Girl star Blake Lively plays the role of a medical student who goes on to take a swim on a secluded beach. That is the same beach on which her mother went for a swim years ago. While swimming, Blake encounters a shark, which won’t let her go that easily.



Being deaf does not make a person more vulnerable or does it? Anyhow, the 2016 Hush movie is a survival story about a deaf woman who fights for her life. She lives alone, away from the city and is being pushed to her limits by the murderer. It has a rating of 6.6 on iMDb and has received positive feedback.

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