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Over the last few years, “Value for money” or budgetary airlines have been able to create a revolution in the airline sector due to relatively low air-fares and adoption of very unique system of working when compared with conventional airlines. Cutting down on overhead expenses like free drink and food, only using a limited number of aircrafts to keep maintenance and repairing costs relatively low, airport fees can be kept low. These strategies have also been adopted by companies like Saudi Airlines and Air Arabia.

Saudi Airlines

One of Saudi Arabia’s most recognized and respected brands, Saudi Airlines is a highly reputable airline service. Due to its glorious past and rich history, Saudi Airlines has been acclaimed for its value for money airline services. The airline has been able to benefit greatly due to its rapidly expanding domestic market and this has also shown why the airline has been so profitable. The strategy for expansion has also resulted in a heavy stabilization of passenger volumes in the last few years. Saudi Airlines’ prudent approach has certainly helped in protecting the airline from recession or adverse economic scenarios within the Middle East.

Air Arabia

Another highly acclaimed and reputable airline service in the Middle East is Air Arabia. Air Arabia is a low cost airline based in Sharjah, UAE. Currently, Air Arabia has been operating across more than 45 countries across the world and flights across various countries in South-East Asia, Central Asia Africa and the Middle-East. Moreover, Air Arabia has also been registered within the AACO or “Arab Air Carriers Organization”.

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Booking services offered

For being a commercial entity, Saudi Airlines does offer a substantial numbers of benefits for its potential customers and for the airline itself. From a customer perspective, their official website offers a conventional approach for booking tickets or for going to a specific travel agency. This means getting relevant data and information with regards to the airline and getting a substantial level of flexibility for analyzing comparisons and choosing the different number of offers available. For Saudi Airlines, utilization of the web service means that there will be a significant decrease with regards to costs that may relate to information processing, verification costs, minimal requirements for customer interaction and creation of user friendly profiles that can be used for marketing and advertising purposes etc.

On the other hand, Air Arabia has been trying its best to introduce relatively low cost and economic flights so that all of its potential customers can enjoy the benefits. The core emphasis is on two critical areas. The first aim of this website is to reduce any potential unnecessary delays for customers on their journeys. Removing such delays would allow them to attract more customers in the future. Integrating with this attribute of the airline would reduce air fares on specific routes and increase the total number of flights for such air routes. This also means that the website would gain a high level of interest and support, although it would receive considerably low profit margins. Not only does it provide considerable incentives for its customers but it also offers a high quality service.

Cost efficiency and customer security

Online booking provides cost efficiency and security for customers as well as airlines. For instance, whenever a ticket has been purchased online or an online reservation is made, the booking process is done automatically. As a result, Air Arabia and Saudi Airlines are able to make significant cost savings and they can pass those savings to potential customers in the form of discounted ticket prices.

Air Arabia as well as Saudi Airlines have been able to implement a security system through which customers can safely book their tickets online. They can either book their tickets through the internet or through the call center. Booking online is safer for customers as all they need to do is to provide credit or debit card details of their bank and other relevant information required for processing the transaction and they can receive instant verification of their transaction.

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Flight availability

For the convenience of its customers, Air Arabia has a wide array of aircraft that ensures no flight gets delayed. Air Arabia has also tried to expand its airline business by introducing new air routes in various parts of the Middle East region. A similar strategy has been adapted by Saudi Airlines as it has increased its aircraft numbers as well as flight capacity in those regions where there were fewer flights available. The strategies adopted by Air Arabia have helped to acquire a huge number of customers for its airline services and this has as a result helped the company to expand its business in terms of high quality service.

By being able to sell tickets through online services, budget airlines like Air Arabia and Saudi Airlines incur low administration, overhead and marketing costs and as a result they can deliver high service quality to potential customers. Moreover, they don’t need to pay travel agent fees or pay for paper tickets to be posted and printed. Air Arabia as well as Saudi Airlines use a system of dynamic pricing on their tickets, which means their prices are set in a manner that can conveniently fulfill customer demands.



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