How to run your business on Instagram?


Instagram is a photo sharing social media tool of Facebook as the latter purchased the social network for $1 billion. The photo sharing platform has been noted to have around 300 million daily users and 500 million monthly users according to Instagram.

Did you know that instead of photo-sharing you could also run your business as well? No, well no problem, the team of Istathmir has noted down some tips as to how you can run your business on Instagram.

  1. Visual content – They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So is your picture if it tells a story by adding value to your customer. Never underestimate that the most important social media asset is visual content.
  2. Branding – Try using Instagram to build a cohesive recognisable identity for your brand. By choosing filters, you will establish a style that will become recognisable to your followers.
  3. Behind the scenes – Taking your customers behind the scene of your products and services will certainly build interest in your customers for your business.
  4. Hashtags – Hashtags are a popular way of finding something on Instagram as long as they are relevant hashtags. When doing business, create your company or business hashtags for your customers to share online. This will make others to find you easier and also the content related to your business.
  5. @tag – Always tag the person or the company you have collaborated with by using the ‘@’ sign. This will help you and your business to promote each other to potential audiences and benefit from increased exposure.
  6. Engagement – Before posting anything on Instagram, always make sure that your post and your photos are engaging as Instagram is known to be a ‘mobile-first’ platform, so make sure your pictures clearly show what your business is.
  7. Profile Image – For the audiences to recognise your company, it is necessary for you to choose an appropriate business profile photo with your business logo, logomark and mascot.
  8. Colour palettes – Select appropriate colour palettes for your brand as this will help you in shaping your brand in a distinctive style. To do this, try to plan your business style, visual style and brand colour beforehand.
  9. Captions – Making use of strong captions can do wonders to your brand as they give you the chance to enhance your content further. You can make use of them as sharing stories, micro blogging or add a short and a snappy headline to your post. The possibilities are endless you just need to figure out the right one for your brand awareness.
  10. Posts – Constantly posting on a daily basis will help your audience to get to know your brand and business and also be ready when to expect new content from your side. Keeping a schedule maximises your engagement levels as all social media strategy clearly targets frequent posting to be on track.
  11. Analyse – While posting on a daily basis, always analyse your most viewed, liked or shared post on daily or a weekly basis. As social media analytics is a powerful business tool that can help you spot latest trends in assisting you to dig a little deeper wherever possible. You can do this by sorting your posts by most likes, most comments, most shares or more popular posts.
  12. Response – Limiting your response time can help you in building a huge Instagram community in a short period. It is important to respond back to them showing that you are listening. This encourages your brand’s positivity in creating new brand advocates as 90% of consumers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with them on social media, according to a study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau.
  13. Instagram Ads – Try leveraging Instagram Ads as it will help you optimise your profile platform. More than 400 campaigns are measured globally with Nielsen Brand Effect, ad recall from post sponsoring was 2.8x higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising.
  14. Contests – Run contents and giveaways as often as your business permits as this is an excellent way to increase audience engagement in building evangelism among your new and existing fans.
  15. Repost – At times you can also post similar brand content from other accounts if you do not have anything new to publish the following day. Thus maintaining continuous brand engagement. Reposting is also an excellent way of efficiently and effectively increasing your Instagram followers.

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