RTA adopts innovative ideas to enhance energy and green economy initiatives


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has adopted 15 innovative ideas during the Innovation Lab organized by the Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector in the Dubai Tram Depot at Al Sufouh. The session focused on improving RTA’s energy and green economy initiatives, which are of paramount importance to RTA’s long-term plans. RTA attends to revising, broadening and developing these plans according to a time chart overseen by the Energy & Green Economy Committee at RTA.

RTA’s Nasir Bu Shehab, CEO of Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector and Chairman of Energy & Green Economy Committee, said, “The lab discussed a broad range of ideas and came up with 15 innovative ideas recapping present perceptions of the future of energy & green economy at RTA. The session touched on some of the existing challenges and the way of coping with them as well as the best solutions to achieve RTA’s sustainable transport objectives. The lab took place under the auspices of Energy & Green Economy Committee in the presence of Eur. Ing. Amair Saleem, Director of Safety, Risk Regulation and Planning, and Manager of the Lab. Participants included a host consultants, researchers, university professors and representatives of various RTA’s sectors and agencies.

“The lab focused on three core topics, namely renewable energy of the transport infrastructure, alternative technologies of the transport sector, and the green public transport means,” added Bu Shehab.

Positive, sustainable solutions

He paid tribute to the positive role of such initiatives as they can inspire the individuals concerned to develop smart, pioneering, efficient and sustainable solutions & ideas in this field. “The diverse associated challenges prompt the RTA to organize this innovative lab to thrash out suitable solutions capable of meeting the needs of community members and realizing the RTA strategic objective of achieving People Happiness,” he said in the press released published by RTA.

“This Lab is in line with the Dubai Government’s drive in support of innovation, and RTA’s plan to diffuse the culture of innovation in all projects undertaken at world-class standards as well as its energy & green economy strategy. RTA is committed to holding government innovation labs with the aim of improving the performance and discussing creative ideas contributing to a superior working environment in the Emirate of Dubai.

About RTA’s Innovative Lab

Situated at the Dubai Tram Depot at Al Sufouh, RTA’s Innovative Lab is the first government innovation lab in Dubai. It comprises training halls fitted with sophisticated equipment, areas for holding brainstorming sessions, a gorgeous innovation club designed to the highest standards to nurture an inspiring innovative environment, a platform for presenting and debating ideas, and interactive display monitors enabling the sharing of visual contents between members. These monitors interface with smartphones & handheld computers of participants enabling wireless content display.

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