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The team of istathmir recently met with Professor Tommaso Vito Russo from Italy to discuss the Islamic Transaction Law in the UAE.  In this video, Mr. Vito Russo shares his views and insights about the MENA region? Why he loves the UAE? Why European’s visiting the country as a tourist should live here as a resident.

Other key topics discussed are what is an Islamic Transaction Law, why he was fascinated by it and decided to study it? What makes it a unique form of banking investment in the Middle East? Why banks in the UAE should opt for Sharia-compliant Law? Why Sukuk is a favourable option rather than traditional investment for westerners living in the MENA region?

Last but not the least, his interesting opinion on Donald Trumps ban on Muslims visiting the US plus what he thinks about Mr. Trump’s investments in the Middle East and how it impacts the relationship of Muslims with him.


The Istathmir team were in conversation with Mr Almiki, who is the Senior Director of Business Development of Carlton Resident Hotel Group in the MENA region to discuss the current tourism issue and what the future holds for the UAE tourism and the hospitality industry.

Other key topics discussed were the effects of the declining oil prices and its effects on the hospitality industry, how downward pressure is exerted on hotel prices? How is the 2016 recession different from the 2008 recession? What have been impacted more by this downturn? How 2015 proved to be a strong year for the hotel and the real estate industry? Why do European’s prefer UAE as a vacationing hot spot rather than other fascinating countries?

Despite all the challenges faced during this recession, are we back to the same 2008 level?

All have been answered in detail in this eye-opening interview about the hospitality industry in the MENA region.

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