Facebook is more intelligent than you think


Who doesn’t know about Facebook today or actually who is not on Facebook these days? Just to let you know about how Facebook started and evolved into something more than a social media website, we want you to go ahead and read this article. Facebook is an online social networking service which was launched on February 4, 2004. Its headquarters are in Menlo Park, California. It was launched by Mark Zuckerberg along with his Harvard College fellow students and roommates Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin. Its name originated from the face book directories that most American universities give to their students. In the start, only the Harvard students could be the members of the website, but later this constraint was lifted and the students of colleges in Boston Area, Stanford University and the Ivy League could also become its members. However, after a while it also let the high school students use the website. Since the year 2006, anybody whose age was at least 13 years could become a member and register him or herself on the website.

When the users have registered themselves on the Facebook, they can create a user profile, add real time friends, post photos, videos and statuses, use several apps and do a couple of other interesting things. An interesting feature is that people with similar interests can form groups and chat about anything they like and want. Users can also send messages to each other or initiate a group chat.

Well, another cool thing that Facebook started quite a time ago was tagging. It used face recognition to let you automatically tag your friends in your photographs, although it merely just suggests a name and asks for your approval to complete the tagging process. By tagging, a link is created to the person’s profile that is tagged and that post may also start to appear in that person’s timeline after that.

Facebook 360 video is total mind blowing feature and a great thing to amaze its users. The most awesom thing about Facebook is that it keeps on introducing new features all the time so that users do not get bored or find it insipid. Because all good things come to an end, Facebook certainly does not want to have a fate similar to Orkut which used to be a pretty popular social site back in the day but slowly its popularity wore off because of no new features.

In the Fortune magazine, an article showed that a text post reaches 4% of its audience, a photograph post reaches 14% however a video post seems to appear in the 35%of its audience’s newsfeed. So that explains the preference Facebook gives to videos which means the 360 video feature is pretty amazing and exciting. Facebook introduced this feature because it knew it would go viral at once. These 360 videos are made using a special technique or mechanism called cube mapping. In this technique, the video to shown is mapped onto all the faces of a cube. Each face of the cube represents one direction of the video relative to the viewer. This gives the sensation of 360 degrees view to the user; also it reduces the size of the file by 25% which obviously matters a lot to Facebook.

If you think that the pictures you share are just pictures on Facebook, and Facebook doesn’t do anything about them then you could not have been more wrong. It has been observed that Facebook shows relative ads with the pictures. For instance, if there is food in your picture Facebook might show the ad of an online food service, or if you have posted a picture of your house because you intend to sell it, it might show you an ad corresponding to that matter and so on. That is a very intellectual feature Facebook has added and this exhibits that this most popular social site is a little too smart than we thought it to be.

We know now, that Facebook is not just a social media website anymore, in the process of buying the Oculus for virtual reality and its continual endeavors for artificial intelligence; it has pretty surprisingly become one of the most advanced technology centers across the globe. Now, we can easily say that the company is in competition for the digital personal assistant race, with Apple, Microsoft and Google.

You might not be aware of the fact but Facebook is designing a personal assistant “M” for you which carry out all kinds of tasks for you on your behalf. This “M” is powered by artificial intelligence of course and it will be supervised by people. For example, if you want to get some flowers delivered at a place M could do that for you, or if you wanted it to get a reservation at a café or restaurant, or make an appointment and a lot more interesting things. It is believed that this is going to be one of the most interactive and human like personal assistant; like Apple has Siri or Google has Google Now. However, right now it cannot access other apps on your phone like Siri can but let’s see what Facebook has in mind.

So yeah, if you though this was just another social media website you are wrong, because it isn’t! As we have said it earlier, we do not intend to make it a cliché but well it is smarter than you think.



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