Dubai dreams the way I dream, says Smith


American Actor, Producer, Rapper and Songwriter Will Smith recently touched down in the Emirates for the promotion of his new American anti-superhero movie called Suicide Squad. 

The film tells the story of a group of infamous supervillains forced to team up by the government to ignite crime.

Dubai and Miami

UAE’s local newspaper, Khaleej times reported that the actor recently told Dubai’s Virgin Radio’s Kris Fade on his show called The Kris Fade show that both Miami and Dubai were his two favourite places in the world. While Will Smith has dedicated a song to the former town, it seems one is not far away from Dubai. He looks as if he cannot get enough of this place, often stopping by when he can such as 2014’s private visit which saw him take to the skies with Skydive Dubai and celebrate the New Year around the Burj Khalifa.

Jetting in first class on a flight from his previous stop in London to promote his latest movie, DC Comics’ Suicide Squad, the actor-rapper was in typically ebullient form despite his character Deadshot’s rather dark edge. Moreover, given some of the reviews which surfaced after the film’s US release, he could be forgiven for losing a touch of enthusiasm at having to tour the world attempting to drum up business.

There’s just no keeping a good man down, though, and Smith was every bit as entertaining as we knew he would be. Taking time for his fans, posing for endless pictures and laughing with genuine warmth at some of the questions laid before him at the VOX cinemas press conference held at Theatre by Rhodes, Mall of the Emirates.

British Airways’ reception

Shortly afterwards, he proceeded to a reception organised by British Airways, the team which he said brought him to Dubai in the luxury he ‘could get used to,’ at the Kempinski MOE and entertained 75 British Airways’ VIP guests during an intimate Q&A session. Here are some choice Will Smith quotes from our time with him.

Suicide Squad attraction

What we all know is these comic book movies are taking the world by storm. Global audiences react in great ways. I have always been a fan of these worlds and how they bring people together. When I was approached to be in the same world as Superman and Batman, I was in.

Updated Supervillians

These comics go back to the 1950s. There’s half a century of material, and we are allowed to put our artistic licence on top of the material.

Playing the bad guy

I have never played a villain like this before. A fascinating discovery was bad guys do not think of themselves as bad guys. They are the heroes in their story. That mental construction was sturdy for me. You get to have a big, exciting and a fantastic world.

The question under Suicide Squad is not a matter of good vs evil. It’s bad vs evil. The question is, can you do so many bad things in your life that you become irredeemable? We found love is the superpower. It stops bad from becoming evil.

will smith in uae

Energy and attitude

My work environment begins with me. I have to show up with the right attitude and energy. It is hugely important to deliver positive energy because it is viral. Approach everyone with real loving kindness. Everybody is in his or her twenties. I am in my forties. As a general rule’40 yo should not hang with 20 yo! However, everyone was cool!’

Dubai my love

I came for the first time 15 years ago. During a time where 40% of the world’s cranes were here. I referred to it as ‘Dubai dreams the way I dream’ – it is how I would build a city. You never know why a city speaks to you. It is just the energy of progress. The way the people and the facilities HAS to be the best in the world.

Will’s packed itinerary

Sunday saw the star work hard for his movie

1.30pm: Vox Cinema conference, Mall of the Emirates

3 pm: British Airways reception, Kempinski Mall of the Emirates

6.30pm: Red Carpet and Screening of Suicide Squad, Vox Deira City Centre

9 pm: Suicide Squad after-party, Billionaire Mansion, Taj Hotel, Business Bay.

Source: Khaleej Times

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