‘D5’ sold for Dh33m


An Indian businessman has paid Dh33 million to buy a number plate at the auction held on October 8 in Dubai.

Balwinder Sahani who is also known as Abu Sabah has bought the number plate ‘D5’ at the Roads and Transport Authority’s number plate auction.

Sahani is the owner of a successful property management company – RSG International. The company which has its roots in Kuwait has not spanned across South Asia, the USA and the Middle East.

RSG International deals in different business sectors which include real estate, automotive, investments, industrial equipment and property development.

Sahani said, “I like collecting unique number plates, and I am proud to have gotten this number”. He has collected 10 number plates so far and looks forward to adding more to his large collection.

D5 number plate

When asked about why he was adamant about getting ‘D5’ number, he explained, “It is because number ‘9’ is my lucky number. ‘D’ is the fourth letter of the alphabet and add that to ‘5’, it makes ‘9’.”

The bid for ‘D5’ started at Dh20 million, and 16 bidders wanted the plate but, Sahani came out as the winner.  While others were raising the bar of biddings with hundreds or thousands of dirham, the 44-year old businessman was growing his bids by Dh1 million.

RTA’s Live Auction

Approximately 300 bidders participated in the live auction which is held every two months.  Around 80 unique numbers ranging from one to five digits were offered in the auction.

The other number plates that became popular at the auction were ‘Q77’ and ‘P27’. ‘Q77’ was bought for Dh4.52 million by an Emirati bidder while ‘P27’ was sold for Dh2.14 million. 

All the money which has been raised at the RTA auction will be going directly to charity.

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