How to choose the right career in Dubai and UAE


It is a fact that career planning plays a highly important role in a person’s growth and development. Making the right career choice is highly essential from an individual perspective. The same could be said for anyone who wants to make a career in Dubai or UAE. The key question that often comes up is, “How do I choose the right career in Dubai and UAE as a whole”? It is up to an individual to decide the factors that are important to his career and how he can handle them. But this depends on a wide majority of factors. It is a choice between a rational as well as a personal level. People can only be happy if their decisions are in accordance with their key traits.

Why should you pursue a career in Dubai?

Many professionals choose a career in Dubai because they want to pursue a life-long job and want to have career stability in life. It is a fact that many of today’s professionals want to have a career trajectory that could be open to responding towards new challenges and opportunities whenever they may arise in their career. These could be motivated due to certain external factors including upsizing, investment in the local economy, or emergence of new industrial or business sectors. They could also be motivated by changes with regard to personal situations which may include age, marital status, geographical preferences, new working horizons etc.

One of the biggest benefits of working in Dubai is the potential for high salaries. There are no taxes levied on personal income in Dubai, so employees receive considerable benefits as a result. They may also receive a 15% lump sum of their annual income if they have worked for more than two years in UAE. It is also possible to qualify for a foreign earned income exclusion tax break if the person is a citizen of the USA, where he can get exemption on income of almost $82,400. Many people are keen to work in Dubai as they can receive an opportunity for a new kind of lifestyle and can increase their exposure to projects that may not be available anywhere else in the entire world. Having foreign work experience allows employees to get a broader range of skills that they can utilize for consistent growth and development in the long run. Due to the growth of multinational companies within UAE, the opportunities are increasing with the passage of time. Due to its potential, Dubai is certainly a highly attractive place for foreigners and tourists with its high quality of recreation facilities available. Many of those who work in Dubai consider it to be the best in the world for recreation facilities, due to its more than 50+ malls and shopping centres. Another pivotal factor that motivates individuals to make their career in UAE is the low crime rate and religious tolerance.

Key steps to consider in pursuing a career in Dubai

Everyone has a different perspective regarding his or her career. There are some pivotal elements that have to be fulfilled before choosing a career in Dubai. They can be described as follow:

  • Designation
  • Job responsibilities
  • Promotion
  • Career potential
  • Autonomy
  • Challenge

The issue isn’t really about pursuing a passion that you like and are good at, the issue is about how to accomplish the goals which you have set for yourself. However, passion should always be thought of as a starting point. You can give proper shape to your set of skills in the form of a resume, a checklist or interviews with family members, friends, former employers and mentors, as it can give you an idea regarding your skills from their perspectives. After doing that, you can now compare your skills and interests with the jobs which you are applying for or being offered, and after that you can finally go for the job which would be the most appropriate one for you and which would also provide you healthy career growth opportunities. Another key factor to be considered is that there is a great deal of merit in creating a work-life balance between your working and personal responsibilities and there should be enough time left to allow yourself to engage in other productive activities. An individual should evaluate his lifestyle and determine his requirements from the job so that the balance is realistic and can be sustained in the long run.

An important point to consider when choosing a career in Dubai is to seek some professional advice. While seeking advice, it is always better to go for a professional counsellor. Counselling can be formal or informal and it can be with one of your peers or an old colleague. For the purpose of dealing with any mental obstructions that may be in the way of accomplishing career growth and advancement, formal counselling has proved to be a very useful tool for many people. Mental obstructions in the way of accomplishing career growth and advancement can be nervousness, low self-worth, apathy, apprehension and also the lack of ability to deal with change efficiently and effectively.

It is a fact that planning a career is a long process. It does not merely consist of getting a job and getting a handsome salary with perks, benefits and allowances. Having a fulfilling career is primarily about having a profession that can satisfy an individual and can fulfil his monetary and non-monetary needs. The same applies to Dubai and UAE as a whole; due to its high intensity of competition and a plethora of people who have high technical expertise and competency, it is important to devise some short term and long terms plans before making a career in UAE. Although we don’t really have control on some of the issues in life such as health, family, financial conditions etc., we can devise a proper career plan, so that we can be successful in the long run.



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